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Yvonne Moore has been teaching yoga for pregnant women in London since 1982.  Her passion and love for her job is evident in the thousands of women whose birthing experiences she has helped to enhance and enlighten for over 30 years.  

Yvonne also educates parents in preparation for birth, encouraging women and their partners to understand and engage themselves in the process, from the beginning of pregnancy, through birth and beyond.   

Far from steamlining women to have a ‘natural’ birth, she empowers women to make their own decisions using yoga, meditation and childbirth education so that they become an active participant in their labour and birth process.  

Yvonne teaches prenatal and postnatal classes at venues across NW London and is also available for private birth preparation courses.

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Yvonne Moore
Tel: 0207 794 2056 Fax: 0207 794 2046
Hampstead, London