Irena:  thanks for everything – you really made me appreciate what yoga was all about, I’d done it several times before your class but never really ‘got it’.  I’m hooked now…

Jess & Phoenix:  Thought I’d let you know I had a gorgeous boy Phoenix, who was 7lb’10oz.  I was in labour 5 hrs from start to end, only just made it to the hospital at 9cm!  And had an amazing water birth experience – no tearing either (one of my fears!)  Thank you for teaching me to zone out, focus, breath & surrender to  the pain….I would not have had the experience I did without having attended your classes, you are a genius!!  Love always,  Jess

Anjali and Yahvi:  The yoga you taught me worked a treat and I managed the first 12 hrs comfortably at home on all fours or leaning on the bed and breathing.  The TNS machine was my lifeline and really gave me something to focus on.  The 12hrs were so  bearable and almost ‘pleasant’  I thought it was false alarm!   6hrs after arriving at the hospital, our daughter Yahvi was delivered in the water. Our experience was truly amazing and I have to say the yoga brought on an inner strength in me I never knew I had.  Thank you so much for contributing to our experience.  I really hope we cross paths again.

Hannah: ..very difficult to articulate and  do justice to the huge impact that all I learnt from you has had on my pregnancy, labour and to Lily coming into the world.  I would just like to say an enormous and very humble thank you for the infinite pearls of wisdom – physical, emotional, practical and for all your support during the pregnancy.  I felt immensely empowered as a result of both the yoga and the wider antenatal exprience with you.  It was the single most useful thing I did during my pregnancy – enjoyable, informative, spiritual and easily the most empowering thing for the pregnancy and delivery.   I lost count of the number of times during labour that something happened or was about to happen and I heard you in my head calmly telling me what to do.  You made a very big and positive impact that I believe was transferred during labour to Pete (who was fantastic)  and Lily who is absolutely perfect in every way.  You have made us all very happy.  Thank you.

Fiona: ….what an inspiration you have been to me over the years…you have given me a confidence in my own ability to birth, which seems to have remained with me over the years and now I am pregnant with baby no. 7……

Sophie Keterman and Baby Boy:  I’m just taking this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your support and advice during my pregnancy.  You are by far one of the nicest, caring and warmest people I’ve met.  I am looking forward to coming to Postnatal classes.

Anthony Warner: (birth preparation course) …….I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the immense help and support you gave us prior to Ludwig’s birth – thanks to your birth preparation course I felt informed, empowered and confident in assisting Ewelina with the birth.  It was truly one of the most joyful, humbling, awe-inspiring and moving experiences of my life, and your guidance made it an experience I went into with eyes wide open.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Natalie, Matthew and Freya:   Dear Yvonne  …….am desperately trying to find a yoga teacher as lovely as you!  Fancy moving to Yorkshire? 

Sally Upton:  I wanted to write to you and say thanks.   Thanks for all the amazing yoga classes when I was pregnant.  Thanks for being an inspiration for my career change and thanks for constantly reminding me to squeeze up!  I think I did 7 months of yoga with you and loved every single session.  In fact, I’m trying for a baby now and really sorry that I won’t have your classes as we’ve moved to Leicestershire.  Anyway, I often think about you and how inspiring you were. You filled us all with confidence and talked in detail about what to expect.  I’ve not heard of anyone else having such a great and knowledgeable lead up to the birth of their child.  You also provided me with a little support group of friends that I’m still in touch with today.  The experience I gained from you has lead me to shift career paths.  I’m getting qualified to teach yoga, after that I’ll focus on pregnancy yoga.  I’m really excited to start this journey and just felt I should share with you how much you inspired this movement.

Rob: (birth preparation course)  ….your breathing techniques were great and helped Sabine a lot.  Thanks for everything

Kathy Dallas: (12 year on)  ….you are still a very important person in my story…….

Sophie Jacobson (from postnatal class):   the lower back pain has definitely improved with increasing the strength of my tummy and improving my posture post-birth…..my tension and tightness in the upper and mid-back from all the carrying, breastfeeding and tiredness is really helped by the yoga.  But the classes have helped me in other ways too.  The support from the other mums really helps…. the wise words you gave about perfectionism yesterday really struck a cord for me too.  SO thank you for all I’ve gained from your classes.

Suzanne:  just a little note to say thank you for all your wonderful support and amazing yoga classes.  I found that everything you taught me came back at the crucial moment….

Lily:  Thank you for all the love, care and passion and all of the Thursdays and Saturdays!!

Harriet & Abigail:  Thank you so much for all your help and support from ‘not even a bump’ to a huge 8 month old Abigail.  I would not have been able to have such a unique birth experience without the knowledge or confidence I gained from your antenatal classes.  I have also loved the postnatal classes so a huge thank you.

Giovanna:   Thanks again for the fantastic job you do and for all the extra support you give…

Joya (baby born to Sofia Athanassiou):  Thank you so much for all the guidance, support, help and wisdom you have given my mummy and daddy – they are really appreciative.  All your advice came in very useful in delivering me to this world.   It was great finally putting a face to the soothing voice when we met a few weeks back.  Hope to see you again soon  

Blossom, Bruce and Poppy:  …just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how grateful I am to the universe for having you in my life at such an exciting and important moment. I learnt so much from you whilst I was pregnant.   Thank you.

Juliette:  Thank you so much for the wonderful yoga classes and the birth preparation course.  We both feel very well equipped to have a good labour now…

Dr. Maya Shakéd-Rabi:  Everyone knows the old saying “It takes a village…” But what do you do in the 21th century in the middle of London where most of us do not have even our close family near by? Who do you go to?  For me thanks to an enthusiastic recommendation from a friend the answer was simple.  Yvonne Moore.  The class starts with addressing all those questions you did not know who to ask, all those little pains and aches that you have no idea if they are normal or what can be done.  Different topics are discussed from pregnancy and after birth. You learn from other woman around you going through similar things. You get in touch with your changing body learn to listen to it, to relax and let go. 

I feel the difference every time I do the yoga with every muscle of my body and now I know how to find that quiet place inside myself with the breathing.  I am looking forward to what will be one of the most intense experiences of my life, the birth of my child knowing I have the tools to handle it. 

Jane Kouilos:  Thank you for your insight and ideas for labour- I have found your classes of great benefit during the recent birth of Skye.  All the exercises have helped me through… 

Misha, Paul and Tom:  Thank you again so much for all your help before and at the birth of our son Tomas.

Rachel & Sam:  (Birth preparation session)  Thank you so much for the session on Monday.  I found it really helpful and am so glad we managed to squeeze it in.  The positions were really useful and the breathing.  Also the chart you drew showing how dilation progresses helped alleviate the disappointment of only being 3cm when first checked.

Anna Dentschuk:  Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my babies, practically and psychologically. Thanks to you our family is stronger, calmer and more aware.  You have been an anchor in both my perinatal periods.

Sophie & Omar: Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedicated support during our first few months together…in fact it’s been nearly a whole year now and I have learnt so much from you!

Olga, Dmitry and the twins, Alex and Ivan:  Thank you so much for all the help, support, knowledge and kindness, it has been invaluable!

Amy:  I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your classes over the last 6 months or so, I really think they helped me to have such a healthy and happy pregnancy and I always really looked forward to my Weds nights.

Zoe, Steve and Jago:  We just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help and support over the past year.  We feel very blessed to have such a beautiful happy little boy. You do an amazing job.  Thanks again….

Anthony, Mia, Soma and baby:  …many thanks indeed for all your help and advice in our birth preparation session and at yoga.  All came in great use and our son was born with the help of TNS, water and a little gas and air….

Patricia Owen:  …thanks for being such a wonderful inspiring person!  My labour was just fine – ‘textbook’.  Thank goodness for your yoga, I found it even more beneficial second time around.


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